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“I am one of Kathleen’s younger clients, having worked with her through a painful progression of anorexia, bulimia, depression, and binge-eating disorder by means of individual therapy and EBT. I appreciate Kathleen’s holistic approach to food; after a decade of beating myself up over unrealistic body ideals it was refreshing to discover her non-judgmental, compassionate approach to food, body, and stress. Yes, I did lose a significant amount of weight through EBT, but that’s not even the point anymore. I feel vibrant in my body. I have erased the whole calorie-counting mindset and rarely feel stressed at all when it comes to meals. I forgive others and love myself. I feel a sustainable joy and resounding security in my life for the first time since my childhood. If I could give everyone I know the gift of EBT, I would. Thanks for everything, Kathleen!”
Seattle, WA

"The work that I've been able to do through EBT with Kathleen's coaching has been crucial to my ability to lose the weight I needed to lose. I feel confident that because of the skills and insights I've gained through EBT I will continue to keep the weight off and live a healthy happy life that I had been missing."
Julie W.
Seattle, WA

“I would like you to know how inspirational and encouraging your words were! It is so easy as an undergraduate to get bogged down in the muck of grades, tests and stress. However,your lecture was a breath of fresh air because it reminded me of just why I am in this program in the first place; to ultimately impact people in the positive way that you seem to do everyday. I completely agree with your outlook on nutrition and counseling and it was great to hear from you. Your perspective is very much appreciated. Thank you for being available and taking the time to come speak to the class. I hope your practice continues to thrive!”
SPU Dietetics Student

I have struggled with an eating disorder for over ten years.  I have seen many Nutritionists during that time.  I was hesitant to see yet another Nutritionist because I didn’t know what one could offer me at this point in my life.  Then I met Kathleen.  I liked her approach immediately.  Kathleen not only tackles the food, but she also tackles the issues around food, my relationship with my body, and the way that I feel about myself.  One of the most profound things that Kathleen has done is to help me build my worth outside of the way that I feel about my body. In addition on many occasions she also helped me find creative solutions to eating enough calories and protein.  She helped me problem solve where my eating disorder created problems.  It is because of the work that Kathleen and I have done together that I am now able to maintain an adequate calorie intake and see my life beyond my eating disorder.
Seattle, WA

I have been referring my clients to Nutritionworks, after having had the experience of being one of their client's myself, because I appreciate the wide range of services offered and that each person's program is tailored to their individual needs and interests, all with a compassionate and humorous and educational approach. The initial consultation is followed by consistent support, which maintains the connection made and keeps the motivation steady. It is great to know that there is something out there that fits me, my lifestyle and food preferences, instead of having to squeeze into a program that doesn't account for my specific situation. Finally, I feel matched.
Deirdre Wilcox, LMT
Seattle, WA

Kathleen Putnam is a guest on the topic of nutrition in my groups for people with chronic medical conditions. Her empathy and understanding around the sensitive topic of food, eating habits and weight issues helps free people from judgmental self talk that undermines well-being and healthy food choices. Her enthusiasm for her work is contagious and helps inspire people towards more skillful food choices. I recommend her highly.
Carolyn McManus, PT
and stress management specialist
Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA

As a relatively fit vegetarian, I was shocked when my doctor gave me the bad news about my elevated cholesterol level and told me about the possibility of prescribing “statin” medication. He gave me for months to get my cholesterol level to the normal range.
I turned to Kathleen Putnam at NutritionWorks for help. Kathleen explained the nutritional factors that could be contributing to the elevated cholesterol. We methodically developed a plan involving gradual weight reduction based on sound nutritional principles, increased dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acid intake, and continued regular exercise. Kathleen also introduced me to an online nutritional database that helped me to stay on track.
By the end of the four months, my cholesterol level was perfectly normal, and I felt great! More importantly, I gained nutritional knowledge that will help me for the rest of my life.

Kathleen presented easily understood nutrition information for a complicated illness to our support group in a relaxed friendly manner. Our participants felt they were able to ask specific questions and received pertinent, appropriate answers. It is always refreshing to have a knowledgeable person with good communication skills! Kathleen is superb!"
Beth Guadagnoli, Respiratory Therapist
NW Hospital and Medical Center

The class entitled "Food and Mood" was by far the most rewarding short-form workshop I have ever attended - and maybe the most important. As a newly diagnosed diabetic, I have been trying to learn as much as possible about how my body processes foods in order to come up with a "real world" plan to change my diet. I learned more in this 3-hour group session than I did in two one-on-one meetings with the nutritionist I was referred to by my physician. It was clear that the instructors had a commanding knowledge of the subject, but more importantly in this sort of format, each was able to impart that knowledge in a concise and comprehensible manner - even technical information about chemical processes. They were focused and very conscious of staying on topic, but flexible enough to answer questions and handle (as well as contribute) anecdotal data. They were passionate, compassionate and fun!
Janice Parker
Seattle, WA

Kathleen Putnam, MS, RD, CD -- each time I hear her name, I hear her saying "don't drink your calories." What she says really sticks. I just wish I could take her home with me to follow me around the kitchen as I prepare meals!

She is one of Community Health Education's most flavorful speakers! Conference attendees remark that she has the "ability to explain complicated subject matter" and has a "tremendous spirit for presenting nutrition information." Kathleen is to be commended as she is able to suggest practical ways to incorporate healthy meals and is comfortable with participants asking questions continuously.

Kathleen is an exceptional speaker. She is not biased and has lots of good information. As a speaker, she is very objective and answered all questions intelligently and with good humor!
Barbara Kollar, BS, CHES
Health Education Coordinator
Swedish Medical Center

I attended your Food and Mood workshop last night. This morning, as I crawled over to my beloved espresso machine, I was grateful that you suggested that we make change manageable and reasonable. I was challenged to consider what changes would be realistic for me now and what changes I could sustain for a long period of time. I cranked up the espresso machine and opted to prepare food for myself to take to the office as I made my children’s lunches. I knew eating better during the day was a change I could easily make and one I could sustain. I felt inspired and affirmed! I have enjoyed a delicious lunch – with my husband (we work together) – and wonderful snacks this morning. And I’m into my second bottle of water. Thank you for helping understand how to SUCCESSFULLY make change in my life!
MaryPat Cheng
Seattle, WA

Kathleen presented easily understood nutrition information for a complicated illness to our support group in a relaxed friendly manner. Our participants felt they were able to ask specific questions and received pertinent, appropriate answers. It is always refreshing to have a knowledgeable person with good communication skills! Kathleen is superb!
Beth Guadagnoli, Respiratory Therapist
NW Hospital and Medical Center

I highly recommend Kathleen Putnam as a Nutritionist and EBT provider. I have worked with Kathleen periodically over the past five years and have also participated in the Emotional Brain Training program. Her expert knowledge base and compassionate nature supported whatever nutrition goals I brought to the table with gentleness and humor. I now feel educated and confident in supporting my body and mind as I navigate my health goals, and I know she will be available for whatever needs arise in the future. I give high praise to Kathleen and Nutrition Works! > >
Cathy Cohen
Seattle, WA

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